March 1st (Sunday) - Youth Sunday

Please try to be at church no later than 10:00 so we can all be in our places and ready to take part in the service as planned.

If you have been assigned a speaking role, you and/or one of your parents has been given a copy of your part, please practice.  

Anyone that was not at the meeting today, but still wants to participate, is welcome.  We would love additional help with greeting parishioners, assisting with communion (boys only) and helping out with coffee hour. 

Remember the GOYA/youth is sponsoring the coffee hour.  Please bring something to contribute to the coffee hour for the parishioners to share.

Example: The Lazarou family will be bringing a cookie platter with brownies and juice pouches.

March 15th (Sunday) - Next GOYA Meeting and Winter Fun Event

The event will be a breakout/escape room adn will take place following the monthly meeting. The exact time and location will be announced. 

 For more information, send an in inquiry to